Director's Message

Humayun Mazhar
I welcome you to the website of Lahore Museum that gives you the glimpse of museum’s rich and unique collection. The museum offers the chronological display of selected art objects in the galleries on two floors.

The museum’s total collection is around 60,000 artefacts. The Lahore Museum is the oldest and the largest Museum in Pakistan. The main aim and objective of launching this website was to enhance the experience of our virtual visitor and more information dissemination for those interested in artefacts, heritage and history.
Moreover, this website would be an effective tool in sharing with a wider audience, the various functions being performed by the Lahore Museum- to collect, preserve and exhibit artefacts and objects that form part of our history, culture and art in order to show case and form living linkages with our heritage.

The website will be an aid in enhancing the Museum’s role in inspiring the future generations. Among the many features of the website, we are particularly delighted to introduce our collections. This will be a medium to share knowledge, ideas and experiences and to forge collaborative relationships with individuals and organizations with the common aim of preserving, propagating and celebrating world culture and heritage. The website would keep people apprised of important events, exhibitions and publications at the museum.

I hope that museum lovers in Pakistan and all over the world will find this space enjoyable.