Lahore Museum has one of the oldest conservation facilities in the country. It looks after the conservation, mainly the preservation aspect, of the Museum’s 60,000 objects made of various materials ranging from paper and fabric to ivory and stone. Conservation is a highly technical and complex area and the collection of the Lahore Museum is highly diverse and artistically refined spread over a time span of hundreds of years and, in case of the pre and proto history collection, thousands of years.

The Sadequain Mural titled “Evolution of Mankind” comprises 48 panels sized 95’ x 26’, painted by renowned Pakistani artist Faqeer Sadequain in 1973-74. A project for the restoration of this mural has been started which will take place in the conservation section and would involve the conservation staff of the museum along with experts and staff employed for the project specifically. The project will be a milestone in the development of conservation facilities and expertise of the  Lahore Museum.

Another project that includes upgrading and development of the museum conservation facilities and human resource is currently underway through the annual development programme.

At the same time, conservation being such a vast, constantly changing and specialised field, this section requires support and capacity building from local and international sources.